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Research and development

Research and Development

Our Research and Development have contributed to the launching of new and improved products and continuous improvement of the same. This intern takes care of the customers needs. The Group’s investment in modern equipment and machinery is aimed at the development of the manufacturing process, which will enable us to achieve a higher rate of productivity at a reduced cost. We are also committed to putting our concerted efforts to minimize process wastage and also to bring down production errors to ZERO.

Enterprise Resource Planning

We have a full-fledged Information Technology (IT) Department, which is continuously endeavoring to develop software and introduce the same in different sites of the group. We have high-speed Data connectivity and Internet connectivity between sites.

Our IT personnel developed a tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for the group in 2007. To further improve ourselves we’ve recently implemented world-renowned SAP-ERP Software in our organization and have gone live in July 2018 in record time. With the introduction of SAP, we aim to achieve better inventory management, increased productivity, significant cost savings, higher operational efficiency, and improved customer service in a sustainable manner


Our Future Plan

The Group’s future plan is to diversify business where feasible by adopting new and advanced technologies. We look forward to the implementation of new projects getting us into a greater arena of operations.

We are also planning to develop expertise by adapting ourselves to the new situation and application in those areas of packaging, which will enable us to meet the customers’ changing demand for quality products on the aesthetic aspects of the brand.

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