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total productive maintenance

Achievement by practicing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Japan's Management Philosophy

We owe our growth to the gradually increasing number of satisfied customers, whose patronage, encouragement, and confidence have improved our sense of responsibility for perfection. There are many schools of thoughts on quality management methods across the globe. Padma Group of Converters has been practicing the principles of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Its 5-s tools have been found to be a very effective system for maintaining cleanliness up to the standard of superb housekeeping and for creating a friendly environment within the shop floor in particular.

Our desire, “to provide our customers always with the ever-improving quality products and services”, has motivated us to acquire new technologies and facilities. Consequently, Padma Group of Converters being an intermediary packaging products organization ranks as the leading packaging industry of its kind in Bangladesh. The quality of products and services is always guaranteed, bringing a long list of satisfied customers to the organization.

In the practical field, we faced many challenges such as fluctuating market demand, stiff external and internal competition, years of undercutting prices by competitors, increases in the prices of raw materials, increased labor and utility costs, etc. Since TPM is the surest way to overcome these challenges; we adopted the TPM system of management and practiced its techniques and tools which benefited us immensely.

Our attainments

With great pleasure, we put it on the record that the world-renowned & world-class multinational companies and corporations who are operating in Bangladesh in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries, Consumer Products, Cosmetics, Beverages, and Paints are our valued clients. In respect of values and expectations, they are our important business partners.

All multinational companies have their own global Audit system and standards. The main objective of such an Audit is an assessment regularly and periodically conducted against their organizational requirements for continually procuring quality and standard products from their approved vendors. For this reason, regular and periodical Audits are conducted by our valued clients and faced by Padma Group of Converters throughout the year competently and successfully.

Padma Group of Converters has successfully established and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 and thus Padma Group of Converters has become ISO certified company from the year 2001. Managements’ commitment to CUSTOMER FO is the prime and top policy.

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